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Public Web Sites Disclaimer 


We are a Utah Licensed Brokerage and member of the following Utah MLS systems:

- Wasatch Front Regional MLS for Central, South East & Northern Utah Properties

- Park City MLS for Summit County & Northern Mountain Properties

- Iron County MLS for Cedar City, Utah Area Properties

- Washington County MLS for South West Utah Properties


We list your property on your local MLS system.  Each MLS system has different and many common public web sites, to which they download. This is beyond our control and is a function of the MLS in your area. For the reason mentioned, we cannot guarantee your property will be listed on public websites and cannot guarantee content or number of photos on these sites (these site are in business to sell leads to agents) the only control we have over content is through the MLS, however, we do guarantee your property will be listed on the MLS. Many smaller market MLS's, may only download to These sites are in a constant state of change. On our site, we publish many sites that your property will show up on and there are many sites that your property will show up on, that we do not mention. There is not one big MLS system, but rather a number of MLS systems specific to each region, once your property is on your MLS, it will download to many public websites. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.  The number of photos allowed is a function of the local MLS (Generally up to 35 photos depending on the MLS). We cannot guarantee that you will receive leads from these internet sources, many websites sell these leads to agents for the highest bidder or some type of fee system.

MLS's linked to the IDX System offer syndication to REALTOR friendly websites that is, sites that adhere to data integrity standards consistent with the Code of Ethics including

We comply completely with the rules and regulation for all our listing packages (along with all rules and regulations enforced by the Utah Association of Realtors "UAR", National Association of Realtors "NAR" and the Utah MLS Systems) - that includes a provision that requires a broker who represents a party or who lists real property under an exclusive agreement to: inform the party of material information related to the transaction, including the receipt of an offer by the broker, and answer the party's questions and present any offer to or from the party. The rules prohibit a broker who represents a party from telling another broker to negotiate directly with the broker's client. The rule further provides that, a license holder who has additional authority to bind a party under a power of attorney or a property management agreement is considered a party to the lease or sale; an inquiry to an employee of a builder or developer about contract terms or forms does not violate if the person does not have authority to bind the employer to the contract; the delivery of an offer to a party is not a violation, if the party's broker consents to the delivery and a copy of the offer is sent to the party's broker; and provides an exception to the requirement of sending a copy of the offer to a party's broker if the party is a governmental agency using a sealed bid process that does not allow a copy to be sent to the broker. It is against TREC rules for the buyers agent to negotiate directly with the seller without the listing agent in the process.  If an agent does negotiate directly with the seller, the agent could lose their license.

Sign post and or Sign frames are not included with sign in Plan A package. Sign is 18"x24" - Sign frames can be purchased and delivered to Seller or obtain from WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes and many hardware stores. Many times owners have already purchased a "for sale by owner sign" and our sign can be used within these frames, in most cases.  In the metropolitan areas we can have post or frame installed for a fee, included with our upgraded packages

Pricing subject to change without notice.

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