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Property Valuation

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Service Description

No Obligation, Market Comparison from Local MLS System. Similar Properties Active, Under Contract and Sold over the past 30 to 180 days. Buying or Selling? What is my Utah property worth? The information you provide can identify properties within the MLS system that are SOLD, UNDER CONTRACT and ACTIVE, revealing the current market valuation of your property or a property you are interested in or to value your property Items to be considered in marketing Real Property: PRICE- a properties value is determined by todays market, not by yesterdays value plus appreciation. "Comparable Sales and Active Listings in your area are the key to pricing." EXPOSURE- The highest-rated method for attracting buyers to a property is the YARD SIGN at 98.8%, followed closely by the "MLS" MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE at 98.2%-Real Estate Center @ Texas A&M University. CONDITION- with heavy competition, a seller must do everything possible to make their property more attractive than the thousands of properties that are available over the MULTIPLE LISITNG SERVICE. "Buyers are looking for model conditions." Repair & Replace the obvious or offer concessions for repairs LOCATION- wrong schools, crime areas, messy neighborhoods, busy streets, noise, accessibility, all can mark a bad location. Unfortunately, the only thing that can compensate for a poor location is a lower listing price. "Favorable terms, seller financing, lease/options could create better opportunity."

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Residential Office 1360 South Carterville Road, Orem, UT, USA

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