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EXCLUSIVE AGENCY:  The Company and the Seller’s Agent, are granted the right by Seller/s to be the only firm or agent to market and sell the property, the seller shall retain the right to market and sell the home to a buyer (For Sale By Owner) without having to pay a commission to the listing agent, if the seller finds the buyer independently of the Company or Sellers Agent.  In the event the Seller finds an “Unrepresented Buyer” independent of the Company or Seller’s Agent and contracts a REPC with Buyer, (execution of an “Unrepresented Buyer Disclosure” by both Buyer and Seller is required or Brokerage Fee noted in Section 2 of Listing Agreement will be due to Company upon Closing)​

NO LIMITED AGENCY / ForSaleByOwner-Option

Full Service Plans -  Broker is contact person for scheduling appointments.  In addition to the Utah required services, the Seller’s Agent will: Participate on the seller's behalf in scheduling appointments, contract negotiations & contract documentation between Seller and Buyer or Seller and Buyer Broker/Agent.

$1,500 Upfront,    EXCLUSIVE AGENCY LISTING / FULL SERVICE.    Full Service Up to 12 Months, the Seller’s Agent will also include Company Sign upon request. 

Limited Service Plans -  (Limited item? Seller is contact person for scheduling appointments)  The Principal Broker shall: (a) Accept and present offers to seller, (b) Advise seller on offers, and (c) Assist seller with preparing and communicating counter-offers.

$  750 Upfront.    EXCLUSIVE AGENCY LISTING / LIMITED SERVICE. Limited Service Up to 12 Months (Sign included upon request)

There may be Buyers or Buyer Agents who may be difficult to deal with or may not want to deal directly with the Seller. Our Full Service Plans put us on the front line. The additional cost for this added Broker involvement in the selling process goes a long way. We negotiate contracts every day. Experience is our best value. Our Goal is to avoid problems, wasted time and transactions that do not close. Lean on us... you may contact us anytime.

Modification of your Listing Plan choice may be available.   Contact Principal Broker, Lynn Fillmore


Our Utah MLS Memberships, give you 25,000+ Utah Realtors working days, evenings and weekends throughout the State of Utah, showing your property, to their qualified buyers, saving you time and money, while exposing your property nationwide to over 1.5 million+ members of the National Association of Realtors and the millions of potential buyers searching the internet at the Nations Top Rated Real Estate Websites.  

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