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We can modify our Plans to Your needs

Realtor Incentives at Sellers Discretion.

  • A Brokerage Fee (Realtor Incentives) is not required to list Sellers property. .

Listing Plan choices below:

- LIMITED SERVICE - $500.00 Upfront as the "Listing Fee".  Term: Up to 6 Months or Cancelled. Utah required services: The Principal Broker shall: (a) Accept and present offers to seller, (b) Advise seller on offers, and (c) Assist seller with preparing and communicating counter-offers.  *Scheduling Appointments directed to the Seller. (Request Company Sign by mail. (included).  Optional: Request a Realtors® approved/endorsed security key-box / installed $200 Fee, Optional: Framed Sign $150

- FULL SERVICE - $1000.00 Upfront as the "Listing Fee".  Term: Up to 12 Months or Cancelled.  In addition to the Utah required services noted in Limited Service, the Seller’s Agent will also: (d) Participate on the seller's behalf in scheduling appointments, contract negotiations & contract documentation between Seller and Buyer or Seller and Buyer Broker/Agent. Request Company Sign by mail. (included). Optional: Request a Realtors® approved/endorsed security key-box / installed $200 Fee, Optional: Framed Sign $150

- TRADITIONAL SERVICE - $295.00 Upfront as the "Listing Fee" + a minimum of 1.5% % of such acquisition price (the "Brokerage Fee"). Term: 6 Months, Includes: Framed Sign and Realtors® approved/endorsed security key-box.

Full Services Included:  

  • Listing on local Realtor's MLS

  • Photo tour on MLS  35 Photos

  • Your contact info the Realtor MLS posting          

  • Seller may modify listing details at any time        

  • listing        

  • Listing on 100's of additional sites        

  • Forms, contracts & disclosures provided by Listing Broker        

  • Unlimited broker advice and consultation      

  • We review offers & closing docs (upon request)           

  • MLS Open House postings        

  • Pause and re-start your MLS listing any time       

  • Comparative Market Analytics (upon request)

  • Syndication to & 250+ high traffic sites 

  • IDX Syndication. More high traffic sites  


  • GE Supra e-Lockbox with auto Email Notification of access.  (Rental fee $200).  Available in WFRMLS, PCMLS & Washington County MLS areas.

  • Sign Frame (may be purchased, or installed and retrieved)


* TRANSACTION FEE.  For All Listing Plans, A Company “transaction fee” in the amount of $295.00 will be due from Seller/s at closing, lease/rental signing, or termination of listing as a “For Sale By Owner”, payable to the Company for, documentation, confirmation, posting of data to the MLS and 3 year file documentation required by the Utah Division of Real Estate.

There may be Buyers or Buyer Agents who may be difficult to deal with or may not want to deal directly with the Seller. Our Full Service Plans put us on the front line. The additional cost for this added Broker involvement in the selling process goes a long way. We negotiate contracts every day. Experience is our best value. Our Goal is to avoid problems, wasted time and transactions that do not close. Lean on us... you may contact us anytime.


Our Utah MLS Memberships, give you 25,000+ Utah Realtors working days, evenings and weekends throughout the State of Utah, showing your property, to their qualified buyers, saving you time and money, while exposing your property nationwide to over 1 million+ members of the National Association of Realtors and the millions of potential buyers searching the internet at the Nations Top Rated Real Estate Websites.  

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